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What’s Coming up…

Day of Service – Sept. 9

Assembling personal care kits and school kits for Lutheran World Relief and Brown Bag Breakfasts and Blessing Bags for local people in need.

Items needed are:

For Personal Care Kits:

Bath size towels (light to medium weight, between 20”x40” & 27”x52”), 

dark colors preferred

Bars of soap (4-5 oz., any brand, in original wrapping – 2 per kit)

For School Supply Kits:

Pens (black or blue ink, ballpoint – not gel)

Pencil sharpeners

For Blessing Bags (items must fit in large ziplock bag)

Socks (wool or thermal preferred) Gloves that can be layered

Bandaids (big ones to cover blisters are nice) Deodorant

EmergenC, Airborne, chewable multivitamins Lip balm/chapstick

Tuna/chicken salad cracker kits Sunscreen

Tissues Toothbrush and toothpaste

Wet wipes (individually packaged) Beef Jerky

Breakfast bars or cereal bars (soft is better) Mints or Gum

Peanut Butter crackers Raisins/dried fruit

Snack cups/applesauce/pudding cupsLotion

Water, juice boxes

For Brown Bag Breakfasts:

Small boxes of Cereal or OatmealMuffins (closer to the event)

Small juices, such as Sunny Delight or V8

Bring your items to the donation box by the Sunday School office or to the church office. 

If you have any questions, contact the church office or Linda Marzullo at work: 805-688-5219 or via email:

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